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3 Reasons Facebook Chatbots Are Good For Customer Service

With 900 million monthly users, Facebook Messenger is a popular way for people to connect with friends and family. And with the growth of chatbots, the service is turning into a powerful way for brands to connect with customers. Facebook’s chatbots can be added to the Messenger service to allow customers to get automated customer service responses from a brand. If a customer has a question about a recent purchase or experience, they can chat with the bot for answers and additional help. Thousands of bots have been added to Facebook Messenger since its launch over the summer, and brands are already beginning to see success from their new customer service approach.

Chatbots are an exciting development for customer service for three main reasons:

1. Customers are already on Facebook. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, so it makes sense for brands to go where customers already are instead of reaching out to customers through an entirely new channel. The chatbots allow brands to build on their existing Facebook presence and reach customers in a way that is easy and accessible.

2. Messenger holds data. The top customer frustration is when customers have to repeat themselves with each customer service interaction. Facebook Messenger creates a record of each conversation, which allows the chatbot to remember a customer’s previous questions and problems and build on that in the future. It makes the entire experience more efficient and enjoyable for the customer.

3. Removes repetition. The majority of questions fielded by customer service departments and call centers are repetitive and fairly basic. Programming a chatbot to answer those common questions deflects contacts from employees and can save a company money, while also providing a way for customers to get answers without having to call or wait on hold.

As it continues to build out its customer service and brand development tools, Facebook will likely turn into a popular retail destination. Even as it stands, it is a powerful tool to engage with customers and even to get competitive information. A social media manager recently told the story of a customer asking a competing service on Facebook if they had a certain product. When that brand didn’t respond, the social media manager for the other brand stepped in and answered the question on the competitor’s Facebook page. Alert moves like those can sway customers and build relationships and loyalty to your company.


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